out of the box

Out of the Box Cards is here – cards for girls and women that expand their horizons and take them beyond pink and pretty. We ran a successful Kickstarter in October 2018 and launched our website in February 2019 – www.outofthebox.cards

Out of the Box grew from the depressing experience of buying birthday cards for our nieces, cousins, friends and sisters. The cards on offer for girls depict them as pink and pretty; they are always passive and posing. These cards imply that what’s important about you is your appearance; you need to conform and fit in.

Young women are under enormous pressure to conform to a very stereotypical femininity and they need wisdom and guts to navigate that and remain true to themselves. We don’t want to contribute in any way to the message that what’s most important about them is their appearance or their size, even through a poor choice of birthday card. The girls we know are intelligent, creative, bold and full of potential. We want to celebrate all that’s amazing about them, not put limits on who they are and what they might become.

We’ve created cards, designed with girls in mind, that expand their horizons and treat them as adventurous, active and brave. Then we’ve added in cards for women of all ages that celebrate their diversity and their many different strengths.

And you can send these cards to all your favourite people. The beauty of our cards is that you can send them to anyone.