Osterley 10k

I ran Osterley 10k on Saturday. It’s my race of the year because it’s my only race due to the stress fracture, and it was brilliant to be out running with friends. I’m back to running twice a week, very slowly building up the distance, so this was my longest run since February. I was hoping to finish in under an hour and so was very pleased to do just over 55 minutes.

When I started this blog five years ago, I had a whole page devoted to documenting the races that I’d done. I think it’s time to move on from that and have an Out of the Box page instead, but I wouldn’t want to lose the record so I’ll leave it here:


Endurancelife Dorset half marathon
2 December 2017
Less of a run and more of a stomp up hills so steep they were stairs in places. I wrote about it here. A fantastic race

Trent Park XC
12 November 2017
My first XC this season and I’m so glad I went. I wore vest and shorts because that’s what all the other women do, even though my instinct is to wrap up warm – peer pressure.

Ealing Mile
4 November 2017
A Club Champs race. 7:43 – slight improvement on last year – and ninth place.

Thames Turbo Triathlon
28 August 2017
First triathlon I’ve done with a pool swim. Really friendly – I loved it.

Battersea 10k
20 August 2017
The only Summer League race I could do this year. I was pleased with my time of 53:39 after a break because of injury.

London Marathon
23 April 2017
I hadn’t trained consistently enough for this. I was aiming for sub-four, but could only keep up that pace for the first 17 miles, and the remainder of the race included a lot of walking. Still, it’s great to have done such an iconic race. 4:19.59. Race report here.

Palestine Marathon DNF
31 March 2017
Being sick in the night was not a good omen. My race ended nine miles in when I threw up beside the road and decided to listen to my body telling me to stop. More details here.

Fleet Half Marathon
19 March 2017
A Club Championship race so lots of Eagles taking part. 1:51:49

Leith Hill half marathon
4 March 2017
I did this once before in 2014 when it was sunny and dry. Today it was pouring with rain as we drove round the M25 to get there and the sky was ominously grey. Fortunately the rain stopped as we got there, and the sun came out for the wife-carrying race that precedes the half. The race itself was fantastically muddy and through stunning countryside. I was a good ten minutes slower than last time but I’ll put that down to the mud and what has happened in between.


Willans XC
18 December 2016
I hadn’t done this course before. Mainly run on pathways around fields.

Ealing Mile
2 December 2016
Determined to improve on my club champs race time and did 7:25. I was second lady and a top ten finisher. (But then there were only ten people running, and only one other lady!)

Grovelands XC
13 November 2016
First time I’ve done this course. It’s run in a park so not exactly wild countryside, but fun and prompted this post on running in silence.

Ealing Mile
5 November 2016
A club championship race. I had a cold which is my excuse for getting another personal worst of 7:47! The good news is that not many other women were running so I came sixth – my top placing so far in the club championships.

Cheshunt XC
23 October 2016
The first of the season. Not at all muddy!

Bath Two Tunnels half marathon
18 September 2016
I ran this with my sister Mandy. It’s such a beautiful race through the Two Tunnels of the disused railway in Bath, through Monkton Coombe valley and along the canal into Bath. 2:11.02

Regents Park Summer League 10k
24 July 2016
Not quite as fast as Osterley – 51:30.

West Walk half marathon
17 July 2016
West Walk is where the Eagles do ‘hill’ training. It’s a path with an incline of around 50ft over 350m. Last year was the inaugural West Walk half marathon where people ran up and down until they hit 13.1 miles! I did this the day after a 19 mile run as part of training for an ultra in the autumn so I was slow, but very glad to finish! 2:15.06

Dulwich Summer League
10 July 2016
I was aiming for 8-minute-miles  for this 5 mile  race and did just over. 40.08

Ealing Mile
2 July 2016
Slightly better – 7:23

Osterley 10k
11 June 2016
Volunteering at the winter 10k got me a place in this summer race. I was determined to go under 51 minutes and delighted when I did. This was a good race. 50:41

Ealing Mile
3 June 2016
Why do I keep coming back for this, the race I find hardest. A personal worst at 7:40, but something to build on!

Greenbelt Relay
21 and 22 May 2016
A 20-stage relay race around London and there were three teams of Eagles entered. I was due to run later on Saturday but our first runner didn’t turn up, so I did the first leg from Hampton Court Palace along the Thames to Staines. On Sunday I did the final leg from Walton-on-Thames to the Stragglers HQ in Kingston. Great weekend.

Thames Towpath Ten
17 April 2016
A club championship race so lots of Eagles entered. I was aiming for sub 1:25 and was delighted to come in just under 1:24.

Palestine half
1 April 2016
About a mile from the finish, I realised that I was close to my two hour target but couldn’t face putting the effort in! Two hours and 25 seconds, but I loved running this race.

Wokingham half
21 February 2016
The longest distance I had run since about this time last year. I was aiming for sub 2 hours and was delighted with 1:57 – coincidentally, the time I did my first ever half marathon in six years ago.

50th parkrun
20 February 2016
Not a race at all because I just jogged round, but worth recording.

Royston XC
14 February 2016
The only cross country race I managed this season, and I found it really tough. I walked up most of the hills but it was great to be back running with the Eagles. 5.6 miles in just under an hour.

There weren’t many races this year, but at least I did these.

Perivale Summer League 5 miles
5 July 2015
My local Summer league race. This was good timing again, on the weekend before my third chemo. Similar pace to Harrow, 45:01.

Harrow Summer League 10k
14 June 2015
This race fell on the weekend before my second chemotherapy and it was great to be able to run. I still feel the tug to compete with other people, but I at the moment I just need to run for the joy of it. Still, a better time than in Palestine so proof that my knee is completely better even if the rest of my body is feeling the strain. 55:36

Palestine 10k
27 March 2015
This was going to be the year when I did two marathons a month after each other – Palestine and then London. Except I fell in Richmond Park during my last long run before Palestine and inured my knee. I ended up doing the 10k in Palestine and pulling out of London. But the 10k was a very joyful race, and I certainly couldn’t have run any further. I took my camera with me and stopped to take photos every so often! 1:02:54

Watford Half
1 February 2015
I entered this race because I was coaching someone for her first marathon. She’d signed up to do it and I decided to go and run with her. In the end, she was injured and didn’t run but I went anyway. The course is on minor roads through countryside, slightly hilly, quite pleasant. 1:50:43


Northala Fields parkrun
13 December 2014
I want to try and get my 50 parkrun shirt while I’m 50 – so before 16 March 2016. I won’t record them all here, but this was my 19th parkrun and a PB of 23:14 after several attempts, so worth a mention. I’ve now PB-ed at every distance I’ve run this year.

Watford Cross Country
7 December 2014
Really muddy run, especially when it started pouring with rain halfway through. I wore trail shoes because I went over on my ankle last time I wore spikes. Felt they gave me more stability although probably lost me some time running up the grass from the woods. Third female Eagle, largely because the faster women weren’t there!

Grand Union Half
9 November 2014
This was such a beautiful day – bright blue skies and cold sunshine, and stunning countryside along the canal. I was fourth female Eagle which is my highest placing in the club championships this year.

Cross Country – Cheshunt
26 October 2014
I was going well in this race, keeping up with Carla and Katya, when I went over on my ankle again and had to abandon. Really disappointing.

Cabbage Patch 10
19 October 2014
Enjoyed this race. It’s a road race on roads that aren’t closed to traffic but somehow it works. Gun time was 1:21:09 which is 5 seconds off my PB, and my unofficial ‘chip time’ was 1:20:03.

Chester Marathon
5 October 2014
I sprained my ankle three weeks before the race and then went over on it again 10 days later. I had to pull out of of pacing the Ealing Half the week before and was worried that all my training would be in vain. But four visits to Move Physio in a week and some major strapping for the race saw me through. It’s a great race, starting in the city and then heading out into the countryside on narrow lanes, with 8 miles of the race in Wales. Was very pleased with my PB of 3:50:14 although slightly annoyed that I didn’t go 15 seconds faster! I followed the 55-mile-a-week training plan in Advanced Marathoning which suited me well.

Ealing Mile
3 September 2014
Absolutely delighted to get a sub-7-minute PB! Have now got a PB at six distances this year. Think this might be the year I peak.

Welsh Castles Relay
7/8 June 2014
I came fifth last, out of about 65 runners, but I was pretty pleased with that! Write up here.

Dulwich Summer League 5 miles
1 June 2014
This is the only summer league race I was able to do this year and I was very pleased to get a PB, particularly as it counts towards the Club Championships for next year.

Ealing Eagles 10k
10 May 2014
My original plan was to pace my sister again, but she withdrew due to injury. I set off to try and go sub 49, but couldn’t keep it up. Annoyingly I missed my PB by 6 seconds, but would have been slower if not for Marc Woodcock and a fellow runner urging me to catch the 50 minute pacers – so thank you guys.

Thames Towpath 10
27 April 2014
Only the second time I’ve done this distance so it wasn’t difficult to get a PB, especially as last year’s race was during my marathon training and so not particularly fast. I started out doing 8 minute miles, but slowed down towards the end. Pleased with 1:21:14.

Palestine marathon
11 April 2014
I wrote a race report for my running club, Ealing Eagles, here and was delighted to get a PB of 3:58:05. I managed to do 9 minute miles for around the first 20 miles, but walked up the nasty hill just after the final turnaround point and didn’t manage to keep it up to the end. A fantastic race and wonderful experience with a great team.

Leith Hill half marathon
16 March 2014
I absolutely loved this race. It’s almost all on trails through woods and fields, and the most beautiful countryside. I think because it was hilly there was no pressure to run fast – just to keep running. The organisation was great and slightly bonkers with the wife carrying race first and then the singing of the national anthem before we ran. I want to do this one again. Slowest ever half marathon: 2:08:05

Brighton half marathon
16 February 2014
This is the third year running that I’ve done Brighton half. I like running in lots of different places, but it’s also quite nice to go back to a course you know. The weather was fantastic particularly after all the storms, wind and rain we had – a beautiful sunny day with blue skies and very little wind. I wanted a PB after missing it by 30 seconds in Gosport, and got one – 1:46:15 which knocked 2 and a half minutes off. I was very emotional crossing the finishing line; I hadn’t realised how much it would matter to me.

Cross Country Championships – Parliament Hill
25 January 2014
This was incredibly muddy and again I was very grateful for my spikes. The course was liquid mud in places, which was fantastic to run through. It was dry for our race, but pouring and blowing a gale by the time the men finished a couple of hours later. 4.9 miles in 46:28.

Royston Cross Country
12 January 2014
This was my first cross-country race in spikes and I was very grateful for them – not because of the mud but because the course was frosty and icy in places. I walked up some of the hills. I read Rosie Swale Pope’s book over Christmas and her mantra was ‘never stop on a hill.’ I haven’t quite taken that to heart yet! My mum and sister came to watch me – it was my mum’s birthday and so we went out for a birthday lunch afterwards. 5.4 miles in 52:12.

Ealing Mile
3 January 2014
Still getting slower at this distance, but I do find it strangely compelling. Official time is 7:30 – a personal worst! Next one I can do is post marathon in May; I need to work on my speed.

Serpentine 10k
1 January 2014
I don’t do many 10k races so was hoping to get a PB in spite of drinking rather a lot the night before. It was cold, windy and wet and I was delighted with a PB of 49.11.


Hilly Fields parkrun
25 December 2013
In years gone by, the boys would wake us up early on Christmas Day and we would spend the morning cooking. This year I was the first one up and went out for a run. Came home to salmon, bagels and eggs then an amazing Christmas dinner cooked by Joel and Kat.

Cross Country Trent
8 December 2013
My second attempt at cross country. Hilly and slippy so I was coveting people’s spikes.

Perivale Five Miles
1 December 2013
My second attempt at this distance this year and a slightly different route to the Summer League with a finish on the Perivale track. I got my first PB of the year – 39:07. Better late than never!

Gosport Half Marathon
17 November 2013
I wasn’t as well prepared for this as I had hoped, but aimed for sub 1:50. I did 1:49:15 which on the one hand I’m pleased with, but on the other it’s only half a minute more than my PB so I’m thinking if only I’d gone a few seconds faster per mile…

Cheshunt Cross Country
27 October 2013
My first ever cross country race and I loved it. There’s something very playful about running in mud. 5 miles in 43:56

Ealing Mile
4 October 2013
I’m not getting any faster at this and my Garmin didn’t connect in time so there’s no record of it! 7:19

Ealing Half Marathon
29 September 2013
I was pacing this race, doing 2h15 like last year. This year my pacing partner was Sean who is having a year off before going to Newcastle uni to do Maths. It was brilliant running with him, and we came in at 2:14.39.
Ealing Half

Ealing Mile
6 September 2013
I really don’t like running this distance. 7:20 – I’m slowing down but then I haven’t done any speed work for ages.
Ealing Mile

Ealing Mile
2 August 2013
In Lammas Park on the first Friday of the month. This was my first one in a time of 7:10.
Ealing Mile

Perivale Summer League 5 miles
7 July 2013
A hot day and probably the only summer league race I can make this year. My time was 40:09 which I was pleased with.

Ealing Eagles 10k
19 May 2013
Eagles 10k
I paced my sister Mandy to a pb of 57:26 which she was delighted with.

Palestine Marathon, Bethlehem
21 April 2013
I expected it to be hot, but in fact it was pouring with rain and blowing a gale. A hilly, lonely, hard race but an incredible experience. I knew I wasn’t going to get a sub 4 after the steady incline of miles 4, 5 and 6. 4:12:43

Thames Towpath 10
14 April 2013
I intended to run this at a 10-minute mile pace, but decided to do the last four miles at marathon pace because it was a sunny day and I wanted to know what it felt like to run that pace in relative heat. 1:32:26.

Thames Riverside 20
3 March 2013
I ran the first half with the 10-minute-mile pacers, and then picked the speed up a bit on the way back, doing 9-minute-miles with Amelia who kept me going. Average pace overall 9.26. Time: 3.08.40

Brighton Half Marathon
17 February 2013
This race is a highlight in the Eagles calendar, with around 30 of us staying in a big house for the weekend. My plan was to run this at my target marathon pace – 9-minute-miles. I made the mistake of telling Kieran and Kelvin the night before who told me I’d be letting everyone down if I didn’t try harder. ‘If you’re wearing an Eagles’ vest, you’ve got to do your best.’ So I ran faster but it wasn’t my best – 1.52.13

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