royal parks half

There’s not much to say about the Royal Parks Half, but as I’ve blogged about the other half marathons I’ve done this year it seems a shame to miss it out. I was running for Redthread, the charity that I work for, as I did for the Hackney Half earlier in the year. I didn’t take any pictures today so have nicked this from their Instagram stories. As you can see the race village was incredibly muddy and I got wet feet before I’d run anywhere. The baggage tent had ridiculous queues so I handed my bag to my work colleagues who had come to cheer (I’m sure they were delighted at that!) in order to get in the start funnel in time.

I paced this much better than Ealing Half and ran all the way. The route criss-crosses through the park so you see lots of the other runners en route. As I got towards the end, I knew my average pace was good enough for under two hours and didn’t look at my watch as I felt I was giving it my all and didn’t want to find out that I needed to be a bit faster. I forgot that races often measure long because of all the weaving about you do, and came in at 2 hours and 2 seconds. Still, I was very pleased with that and it made me even more in awe of Eliud Kipchoge’s achievement yesterday as he ran twice as fast as me for twice the distance.

I’ve got a couple of short local races towards the end of the year and some more park run tourism planned. My annual checkup is tomorrow and I’m going to ask if they’ll do another DEXA scan to check the state of my bones. I can obviously cope with half marathons ok, but would like to know if I can train for a marathon next year.

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