I spent my bank holiday weekend on a bike – cycling the Way of the Roses from Morecambe to Bridlington with the Amos Road Club, a group of people loosely connected with the Amos Trust with a common love of cycling. It’s a fantastic route from coast to coast, mainly along back roads and paths with only occasional sections of main road. The first couple of days included some steep climbs with strong winds and rain thrown in, but the last day from York to Bridlington was fairly flat and the sun shone to speed us on our way. The route goes through stunning countryside and there’s something very satisfying making your way across a country purely through your own physical effort. I took some photos that just don’t do it justice, but are some kind of record of a memorable journey.

I always come away from these weekends wishing I’d had more time to talk to the other people on the ride. I had some great conversations but I would have liked to have had more. I hope that somehow the act of sharing the ride binds us together even if not many words are exchanged. Until next year.

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