boy scouts

And so it goes on and on and on. Each day we hear about more children being killed in Gaza. Last night a UN school was shelled and 15 people, mainly women and children, died. UN officials say it is a serious violation of international law. Ban Ki-Moon says it is outrageous and unjustifiable. Our government shamefully says very little.

In the ocean of words and images, of arguments and counter-arguments and justifications for appalling violence, it is hard to know what to say that will add anything. But from the Guardian article about these latest killings, one detail stands out for me. Both times we have run the Palestine marathon, the water stations have been served by the scouts – both boys and girls – delighting in the occasion and taking their job very seriously. They were so eager to be the one to give you water or dates, to cheer you on, to offer a high-five to the runners. Today at the school, according to this report, ‘two lads wearing Palestinian boy scout scarves collected human body parts for burial.’ The contrast is heart-rending. This should not be so.

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