last chemo runners

Yesterday I ran to my last chemo session before surgery, along the river, in sunshine, with Lucy, Neil, Mandy, Joel and Harry – sister, sons and friends who were fantastic companions on such a significant run. My sister Liz drove down from Harpenden to come with us but got held up in traffic and didn’t make the start time. So she ran the route anyway on her own, the furthest she’s ever run, and met some of us at Maggie’s where we were having lunch before my appointment.

liz, mandy and me

And then in the evening, my mum, Mary, had organised a walk in solidarity with our morning run. Mary, my aunt and uncle Meg and John, sister Susie, brother-in-law Dave, nephew Jake and niece Carrie donned pink wigs, sunglasses, brollies and hats and walked along the river in Ely. My mum had made signs for their backs that said ‘Running with Jen’ and it sounds like they had a brilliant time. Mary and Meg have been best friends since college and it’s a friendship that just seems to get richer as the years go by.

pink walkers cropped

Mum also got my friends and future-fellow-grandparents, Jan and Greg, involved and they walked in the fields by their home near Bury St Edmunds.

jan and greg

It feels great to have got to this stage, to have just one more chemo-induced dip to go, and how wonderful to have it marked with such a display of solidarity – thank you everyone!

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