Like The Wind magazine is an object of beauty and inspiration. Written by runners, for runners, about why we run, it combines great writing with excellent art in the best tradition of quality, independent magazines. It reminds me why I love running, and gives me plenty of things to aspire to. I’ve got an article in edition 7 about running to chemotherapy, illustrated by my very talented friend, Jon Birch.

likethewindarticle (1)

And I’m honoured that they used a quote from the article on the back cover. A lovely way to end a rather crap year.



3 thoughts on “Like The Wind magazine

  1. Absolutely brilliant and a very fitting tribute to the way you have handled such a tough year!   Love you lots and lots xxxxx 

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  2. Rob (my eldest) and I had long conversations early this year about the possibility of a good running journal – then we discovered ‘Like the Wind’ and it was ‘Oh Damn – someone’s gone and done it!’ It is a good publication and a great antidote to the big running ‘hey-buy-these-shoes-they-will-make-you-happy’ stuff you get in magazines. Well done – write more!

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