peddars-wayMy weather app warned me there would be gale force winds today that could lead to ‘minor damage to houses’ and it was raining as I set out from Thornham. But the skies cleared as I got to the coast and the wind was exhilarating, buffeting me from every side and slowing me down. The path goes through a nature reserve just behind the most beautiful beach.

Just before Hunstanton I turned inland to follow the Peddars Way, an old Roman road. It follows roads at the start but after a while it becomes a muddy track between fields.

The end of my run today was always going to be my mum coming to pick me up in the car, but the place where I asked her to meet me has changed several times over the last few days. In the end she met me in Sedgeford at lunchtime after nine blustery miles. It’s been a fantastic run and my back has been fine but my knee  is now protesting so time for a rest.

One thought on “A blustery morning run

  1. So glad you made it! What a fantastic start to 2017. If you’re ever feeling a bit ‘routine and ordinary’ at some future point in the year, you’ll be able to remember the adventure and hug it to yourself and think of how extraordinary your life really is. #secretstrength

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