It’s been a tough couple of years for Ealing Half, and it seemed touch and go whether it would actually happen this year after having to be cancelled last year like so many races. Fortunately the team worked really hard, its supporters pulled out all the stops and enough people signed up. I’ve written about Ealing Half before a couple of times – it’s such a fantastic community event that generates so much joy. My sister Mandy came over to run it, the week before she does the virtual VLM.

This year my plan was to run it at my target marathon race as preparation for York – 9 minute miles. I ended up running with my friend Anna, who was doing her first ‘and only’ half as she wanted to do that pace too. We managed to stick together all the way round, and crossed the line at 1:56.51. I came third in my age group – the joy of getting older and not having to compete with young people! (And yes, I do wish I’d sprinted a bit quicker to the finish.) I’d had quite a hard week of exercise with the Norfolk Relay the weekend before, a 20 mile run on the Monday and an 80-mile cycle to Eastbourne on the Tuesday. Strava was telling me that I was overdoing it before I’d got to the start line so I was really pleased with my time. Anna is already thinking about doing another one, of course.

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