Dear Asics

I have bought your running shoes for many years and I love them. They have served me well over thousands of miles and so, in spite of trying different makes whenever it’s time to get a new pair, I keep coming back to yours. I’m a loyal customer and you can see my latest pair above. You clearly don’t need any advice on how to make good shoes, but there is one area where you seem stuck and perhaps I can help. I’d like to suggest some colours other than pink and purple that you could put on your women’s running shoes. How about red, orange, blue, green, turquoise, brown, yellow, gold, bronze, emerald, grey, black, silver and all the different shades that they come in? And how about strong, bold colours instead of delicate pastel ones? I must have bought over 20 pairs of running shoes from you, and I can remember only one pair that deviated from the pink and purple norm; they were pastel blue.

I wonder who told you that women only want pink and purple. They’re ok as colours, but surely you’re aware that they are used to signal a very stereotypical femininity which doesn’t resonate with what these shoes are for. The two other markets that are dominated by pink and purple for females are baby clothes and toys for children – you’re not trying to infantilise us are you? I’m not going to be posing in these shoes, or matching them to my outfit and I don’t need them to be pink to prove that I’m a girl really even though I’m sweaty and red in the face. I’m going to be storming down trails in these shoes, stomping through mud, splashing through puddles, jogging across beaches, slogging up hills and running marathons. They are going to get wet, muddy, smelly and worn down. In six months time I’ll be back for my next pair and to be honest I’ll buy them for what they do not what they look like. But some variety would be nice; you’ve got six months to surprise me.

2 thoughts on “Dear Asics, about your pink and purple shoes…

  1. I’ve just seen an advert for the Bible Society’s Christmas gift Bibles. ‘Code’ Bibles for men, and petite pink ones for women. Ugh. I feel an email coming on.

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