end with Ginny

In 2013, I ran 1308 miles.

Most of that was on London streets, but some was in races:
One marathon – Bethlehem
One 20 mile – Thames Riverside 20
Three half-marathons – Brighton, Ealing, Gosport
One 10 mile – Thames Towpath 10
One 10k – Ealing
Two 5 mile – both at Perivale
Five parkruns – four at Gunnersbury, one at Hilly Fields
Three Ealing miles
Two cross-country races – Cheshunt and Trent Park
One summer league race – Perivale
Two experiences of pacing – officially at Ealing Half, unofficially at Ealing 10k for my sister
One PB – Perivale 5 miles

Ran to work 23 times
Led three Beginners courses for the fabulous Ealing Eagles
Ran in Palestine, Canada, Paris and Germany

Best moments: running with Ginny at the end of her first half-marathon, cheering Lisa Snell at the end of the Perivale summer league race and all the beginners who ran their first 5k and more
Favourite runs: Thakeham in September, a magical misty morning, and my Christmas Eve run across London
Hardest run: Palestine marathon
Most disappointing moment: walking in the Palestine marathon which is partly why I’m going back next year
Bittersweet moment: Visiting my Dad after my first cross country race, the day before he died. He won cross country medals at school and in the Army.

Lots of great memories and moments of delight. I have never regretted going for a run. Very grateful to be able to do this.

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