Last year I was given a cycling journal for Christmas, and so this year I recorded every cycle ride I took. There are lots of mundane cycling trips up to Ealing Broadway or the allotment, with accompanying thoughts on how to carry a decent amount of food shopping on the bike. I cycled over 1100 miles this year. I like to think that when my knees or hips or ankles give way and I can no longer run then I’ll cycle much more, but at the moment it takes second place even though I love it.

Cycling highlights of the year:
Amos Road Club trip to Flanders – a three day trip from Calais to Bruges which I blogged about here. I love the Belgian method of marking cycle routes – really easy to follow.
Devon Coast to Coast with Jonny in August, from Plymouth to Ilfracombe. I misjudged quite how hilly it would be, being seduced by the description of cycling along disused railways. But a beautiful, challenging ride – some photos here.
All the training rides we went on in preparation for the above – one of my favourite ways of spending a day at the weekend. We were given Lost Lanes for Christmas – 36 cycle routes in southern England along back roads – which I’m really looking forward to exploring in 2014.
Cycling to work around 30 times during the year – not as often as I’d like, and more carefully after all the cycling deaths this year. But it’s the best way of doing the commute, and an excellent transition between work and home.
My talk at Greenbelt on ‘How to be an urban cyclist’.

And the lowlights
The death of Dan Rowland, a member of the Amos Road Club who will be sorely missed
Getting to Victoria station to catch a train to Dover at the start of the Flanders trip and realising that I’d forgotten my passport
Cycling to the B&B after the first day of the Devon Coast to Coast route – thinking that we had finished for the day and realising that there were lots more hills to go
Conflict on London streets between cyclists and drivers – we need to share the road.

Next year I’m looking forward to doing the Way of the Roses with the Amos Road Club in May.

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