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My book Equals – enjoying gender equality in all ares of life is published by SPCK. This video, filmed by the wonderful Jo Dolby, gives a quick summary of what the book is about, or you can read an overview here. It’s available from all good booksellers including SPCK and The Guardian.

Harriet Long
reviews Equals here. She says ‘This. This is the book that the church needs to read about gender. This is the book that most colleagues, couples and families should also read about gender regardless of faith, because it is very gentle. This book is clear, level headed  and sensible. It’s smart and compelling. It’s energised, passionate and and talks about gender as no-brainer discussion that needs to be happening.’

There are also reviews by Ekklesia, Concrete Youthwork, Youthwork Magazine and Sophia Network. I’ve done interviews about the book for Aslan Books and Dave Westlake.

I’m really grateful for the people who have let me share their stories of putting equality into practice on this site:
Miriam Swaffield in student work
Fran and Craig Walsh, talking about sharing out the domestic stuff
Sonia and Iain Mainstone Cotton on marriage and bringing up girls
Matt Summerfield at work, church and events
Lis and Dwayne Baraka on choosing a surname
Becky Hunter-Kelm on youth and schools work
Ruth Wells on parenting
Jonny Baker talking about the need to see
Martin Saunders on work and parenting

For those of you who want to think through what the bible says about men and women, you can download my  overview of egalitarian theology which has some suggestions of books to read.

I’m loving hearing that the book is sparking good conversations – long may that continue!

We asked some people for commendations and this is what they said:

‘Jenny Baker’s Equals is as lively as it is profound, and as practical as it is idealistic. She paints a powerful vision of a world where both women and men are strengthened and freed by the practice of true equality, and offers us positive and encouraging examples and ideas to help us imagine how to get from here to there. This book won’t just make you want to change your life, it will tell you how.’
Steve Holmes, Senior Lecturer in Theology, University of St Andrews

‘In this very practical and readable book, Jenny Baker clearly presents her case that gender equality is not about eliminating difference, nor about diminishing men in order to promote women, but about rethinking traditional roles so that every person fulfills their true potential. With her characteristic warmth and wisdom, she offers research and experience, stories and statistics, to show that at work, in society, at home, and in the Church, egalitarian relationships are not a threat, but the promise of a better world in which men and women flourish.’
Maggi Dawn, Author, and Professor of Theology and Literature, University of Yale.

‘Jenny is without a doubt one of the foremost thinkers and commentators on the issues of faith and gender. You may not agree with all she says but I guarantee that you will be hugely challenged and enriched by engaging with this book. Whatever your stance on this key area you simply must read this much needed contribution to the debate.’
Carl Beech, International Director, Christian Vision for Men

Jenny Baker doesn’t just teach on equality – she thoroughly lives it out. This book provides a much needed challenge for Christians to re-think the complex issues of gender and to restore people to their God-ordained equality and freedom.’
Vicky Beeching, researcher, writer and broadcaster

‘This is a bold and beautiful book on a key issue. Jenny has read widely and reflected deeply, and draws on insights from many different disciplines to argue that when women and men regard one another equally, both are enabled to reach their full potential – an idea that is backed up by loads of practical examples, all of them illustrated by personal stories and informed by her own Christian faith.’
John Drane, writer and theologian

What I love about Jenny is how honouring and encouraging she is towards both men and women equally. This book displays that heart and is empowering for us all as we work out how to increasingly join in with God’s plan for the world and life together It’s one of those books that’s worth buying two copies and giving one away, preferably to someone younger than you in faith and life. My hope is that we can see future leaders catch on early to the freedom and fullness of living in equality that Jen so brilliantly articulates.’
Miriam Swaffield, student mission developer, Fusion


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