I’m not very patient. After a few days of losing hair in handfuls, finding it in my food, and worrying what state it would be in for work on Monday, I went back to my hairdresser today and she cut it all off. I’ve hoovered the house and put all my hair products at the back of the bathroom cabinet. Sinead is my role model. Here’s to a few months of being differently beautiful.

I’ve loved hearing from women who have done all this before me, and there are lots of them. My cousin lives in Texas and had treatment for breast cancer last year. She sent me this which made me cry again, but in a good way:

When you become bald you are very definable as a woman who is going through cancer treatment; very few others choose this. With that identification comes a membership to an elite club of fantastic, strong, fighting, loving women.

You will beat this. More good comes out of it all than bad. It will be over.

Welcome to the club.

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