domorecoolshit-1I’m starting a new job in February, so to make the most of my time off I’ve planned a little running adventure for next week. This afternoon, I’m getting the train to Cromer, and then over the next three days I’m going to run along the North Norfolk Coast path and down the Peddar Way. I’m staying in comfort in B and Bs along the way, but carrying all I need in a backpack. When I told my sister about it she said, ‘Ooh, like Elise Downing?’ How I wish I was like Elise Downing, who ran round the coast of Great Britain in 2016 with a backpack, 5000 miles over 10 months – an incredible achievement. She is totally my inspiration, but my run is clearly on a much much smaller scale.

At least that’s the plan. Unfortunately on Thursday my back went for some unknown reason, and by Friday morning I could hardly move. I’ve been to see my chiropractor twice and it has eased up, but I haven’t run since. I’ve added a Coasthopper bus timetable to my kit list and if I can’t run, I shall walk as far as I can and then get the bus. Part of the motivation for this trip was my failed attempt at a 50k race last year because of injury; I wanted to know what my body is now capable of a year after my treatment has finished. Every so often a little voice inside my head tells me that maybe I’m getting too old to be running as far as my aspirations want to take me and I should ease up a bit. But then I remember Piers in my running club who did his 100th marathon on his 60th birthday last year and hasn’t stopped since. I want to be Piers. A bad back three days before this run is unfortunate timing, but it’s not an omen of doom. I’ll let you know how I get on.

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