Is there anything more restorative than a long hot shower at the end of a long run? When I arrived at my B&B, I had to sign the visitors’ book and my hands were so cold that my writing looks like a five year old’s. But after several minutes of hot water cascading over me, I feel more human and I’m currently sitting on my bed watching Pointless.

I set off from Cromer this morning under grey skies but it brightened up as I ran. I took a detour at Sheringham to run on the sandy beach then ran along a trail between the golf course and the edge of the cliff. I made it to Weyborne and had a welcome cup of tea at the Village Store. The next four miles of the coastal path were along a shingle beach which was hard work to run along so I walked from time to time.

I had lunch at Cley-next-the-sea and watched the rain drizzling down the pub window. The next ten miles were along muddy paths at the edge of the sea marshes, accompanied by blustery wind and rain so I kept going to the end, rather than stopping anywhere along the way. I ran/walked because the mud was so slippery most of the way and also because I was knackered! But I made it all the way to Wells-next-the-sea on foot, 25 miles through stunning landscape.

I only have my trail shoes with me because I’m traveling light, and I’m not looking forward to putting my warm, dry feet into their muddy wetness in order to go and get some food, but if I want to eat then I have no choice!

11 thoughts on “A B&B at Wells-next-the-Sea

  1. Impressive!! Going to do a marathon every day?? Showers are exquisite when 1) You have done a long run and 2) You are not paying for the hot water. Good stuff

  2. love your adventure. Living it vicariously, and semi-imagining a life with no day to day mundane-ness to answer to, and what I would do with it – knees not up to running, although I love running, but maybe walking…

    • Thanks Jess! I’m making the most of the lack of demands on my time before it all starts again. But also looking forward to new challenges. A life without challenge becomes very small

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