OOTB letter logoThree years ago, I had an idea to create greeting cards for girls that went beyond the pink stereotypes on offer and expanded their horizons. I took the idea to an entrepreneurs’ week where it got a great reception. Every time I talked about it, people loved the idea and encouraged me to do it. But I just couldn’t make it happen.

Last summer, I thought about it for the umpteenth time and realised that if I was ever going to do anything about it, I needed other people to do it with. That weekend, I saw my friend Grace, who said to me, ‘Hey Jen, are you ever going to do anything with your cards idea?’ Other people had asked me the same thing before, but there was something serendipitous about her question coming in the same week as my realisation that I couldn’t do it on my own.

And so a wonderfully constructive collaboration was born – Out of the Box Cards. Grace Rae (who is now also my daughter-in-law) involved her friends Daisy Mojave Holland and Phoebe Reith and we’ve been working on a plan ever since. We make a great team and we seem to have the right mix of talents and experience between us. Grace is hyper organised and makes sure we’re thinking through the ethics of what we’re doing. Daisy is a hugely talented illustrator who is creating some amazing designs for our first set of cards. Phoebe is an experienced  entrepreneur who believes we can do anything, and her confidence is catching. When we get together in person or via video call, we’re left excited and energised.

In October we’re launching a kickstarter to set us up for our first year of business with a stock of cards to sell, a website to sell them from, and the ability to create more amazing designs during 2019. I’ve been working on the project during my holiday and I’m really excited that at last it’s going to happen. I’ll post more when the kickstarter is happening, but for now I want to celebrate our team and say thank you for making this happen! We’re on twitter as @outtheboxcards – follow us to keep in touch.

2 thoughts on “The joy of collaboration

  1. Really looking forward to this. Hopefully in time there can be some really exciting holiday cards – sick to death of stereotyped cards that don’t reflect the interests of the girls and boys

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