swim serpentine (1)

Yesterday, I went back to Swim Serpentine and did the two-mile swim. It was a wet, grey day, in stark contrast to the weather I’ve enjoyed at the lakes and lidos where I’ve done most of my training. I did the distance last week at Shepperton Lake and felt strong and fluid. The swim yesterday was more halting; swimming in the context of an event like this is more nerve-wracking, I find, which makes it harder to settle into a relaxed stroke. There were far more swimmers to negotiate than I’m used to, particularly on the second lap when the faster green-hatted people from the wave after mine overtook me. It was raining at the end, and I had to rush back because I had arranged to drive my friend to her new uni with all her stuff. So at the end of the swim I just got back on my bike and cycled home, and it was all a bit of an anti-climax. Note to self: make plans to celebrate more. I saw lots of people collecting their enormous London Classics medals meaning they have done the London marathon, RideLondon and the two-mile Swim Serpentine. It’s a brilliant marketing technique because of course I want one, so I’m in the ballot for RideLondon again next year.

In other sporting news, I did parkrun last week for the first time since February, having done a very slow back-to-running plan over the summer on an anti-gravity treadmill. It’s great to be back running outside, but also connecting with other runners. I’ve really missed the social side of running, as well as the headspace it gives me. I’m going to be sensible and stick to the 10% rule, increasing the distance of my longest run and my overall distance by no more than 10% each week. I have lots of questions about what kind of running I’ll do in the future, but for now I’ve signed up for Osterley 10k in December and would love to be able to run to work again before Christmas.

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