It’s been a bit of a crazy week – so much so that I’m only just getting round to putting this on my own blog. We launched our Kickstarter for Out of the Box Cards on Sunday afternoon and are just over 75% funded within a few days. It’s fantastic to get that response and to find that lots of people resonate with this idea. It’s particularly pleasing to see friends of friends saying they love it, as they don’t know any of us on the team. Thank you to everyone who has pledged and shared the campaign – it makes such a difference.

Anyone who has done a Kickstarter will know that it has the potential to take over your life – there’s always one more friend to email, one more tweet to like, one more video to upload. I’ve been very disciplined at work and have turned my phone off during the day, just doing a quick check at lunchtime. But it’s fun! And hopefully in 17 days we’ll be working on launching the company properly.

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