Running has been many things to me – a space to achieve new things, a way to keep fit and stay healthy, a source of friendship and community and, in the running I’ve done in Palestine, a way to demonstrate solidarity with people whose freedom is restricted.

So when I thought about how to celebrate my 50th birthday, I naturally planned lots of running – marathons in Palestine and London and a 50k race in the autumn. Instead I was diagnosed with breast cancer and those plans evaporated to be replaced with chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy and hormone therapy.


But through all that treatment, I kept running. I ran to all my chemotherapy sessions, seven miles along the river from Kew Bridge to Hammersmith. I did my 50th parkrun and a half-marathon six weeks after finishing radiotherapy. Running was a way to hold onto my sense of identity when I felt I was losing everything, and helped me get myself back once all the treatment was over. I blogged my way through the whole experience and I’ve written a book about it, Run for Your Life, which was published by Pitch Publishing at the beginning of this year. I hope it will be helpful for other women facing the same thing, whether they are runners or not, and for the friends and family who love and support them. And I hope that runners of all shapes and speeds will resonate with the story of how I got into running and what keeps me going.

Here are links to my blog posts about cancer to make it easier to find them. It’s not a blow-by-blow account of exactly what happened when, more how I felt and what I was thinking as I went through it all.

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Getting myself back
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I blog about a range of things from running to gender equality, via justice and cycling. I live in London. I am married to Jonny and we have two wildly creative adult sons. I am proud to be an Ealing Eagle, and I have a LIRF qualification. I share an allotment, love cycling too, I’m part of the worship community Grace, and chair of Amos Trust. I have masters in gender studies and voluntary sector management, have written other books and I am Interim COO for the charity Redthread.

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