Run for Your Life is the story of how I kept running through treatment for breast cancer and beyond. It was published in January 2017 by Pitch Publishing and you can download the first couple of chapters from their website, or order it on Amazon, Waterstones or from other online bookshops. It was based on my blog, and you can find links to my original posts on my ‘about’ page.

This is what Run Mummy Run had to say about the book:

‘Run for your life is an emotional and inspiring read. You will wonder at Jenny’s strength and be moved by how deeply she is cared for by her friends and family, especially when they join her on her “Chemo runs”. Most of all through this book will leave you with a sense of hope. Jenny uses a quote in the book that speaks to her from Lemn Sissay – poet, writer and playwright “I am not defined by my scars, but by the incredible ability to heal. You have to live in the present, not the past or in the future”. This book is definitely testament to her ability to do this.’

The i news has published an extract from the book and there are articles about the book in the Daily Mirror, the Sunday Post, and in The Sun on London Marathon day.

I’ve written about my experience for Huffington Post and the Running Physio and Ealing Half Marathon have done a great press release about it that got picked up by run Britain and others.

I’ve been featured in the print versions of Outdoor Fitness and Adventure, Like the WindRunners World and Running magazine.

There are reviews of the book on the Biblomaniac blog, on Run Mummy Run and one in the Southern Running Guide.

I’m hoping the book will be helpful to women facing a breast cancer diagnosis, to their friends and family who want to know how to support them, indeed to anyone struck by the cancer thunderbolt. But I also think it will be of interest to everyone who runs. It explores how I got into running, how running became part of my identity, why I’ve run in Palestine, how running builds resilience and makes you stronger in so many ways.